Yumerium ICO is giving gamers the chance to earn tokens while playing games.

Yumerium ICO is giving gamers the chance to earn tokens while playing games. The game tokens can be used to buy or play games. This project aims at combining games with Earnings – A pleasant yet useful experience.

Yumerium ICO aims at eliminating the existing payment solutions of the centralized organization such as high transaction fee, global transfer fees, delayed payment, lack of multi-party payment option, lack of data transparency and fraud which hinder user’s participation in the gaming community.

Yumerium is the best blockchain gaming platform to date. It provides players with the opportunity to make money from playing online games on the platform.  Users will be able to earn tokens from playing, sharing and reviewing games. The gamers community will have the opportunity to play as one. Rewards will be given to gamers that have completed any game level. This token will be able to make gamers more serious. As time goes on, the community will be crowded, and more games will be added to the platform.  

Yumerium main aim is to provide a platform to compensate gamers for their efforts towards the gaining industry. New games will be made to attract gamers to play and earn tokens. YUM tokens are utility tokens for gamers to use and purchase advanced players and game pieces.

Yumerium offers low transaction fees for game developers and instant pay-outs to game developers via a transparent and decentralized payment solution. Cryptomine was the first game developed by Yumerium. The game will be launched with SDK in 2018 and made available on IOS web and Android platforms.

The Yumerium token is YUM. Half of the funds will be used to develop Yumerium games. The developer of the game will determine the efforts of each player. They will support games sharing on social media and will utilize networks for promotion and reviews. The Game developers will set bonus systems for referrals and promotions to incentive gamers to play more games.

Yumerium ICO

The ICO of YUM will be held at the presale and the crowd sale stage. The ICO hardcap is 500 million USD.  The tokens will be traded for ETH and BTC at a token price of 1 YUM to 0.1 USD. 50% of the token will go the native Yumerium Game development, 20% will be used for community and Marketing Development Fund, 15% will be used for Yumerium Operation, and 10% will be used for upgrading and developing the token system.  The ICO is scheduled to start on May 12th to May 19th 2018. The presale will run from the 22nd of April to the 12th of May 2018.

Yumerium Team

The Founder of Yumerium is Jikhan Jung. The CTO is Francis Martin. The Co-founder is Jaeheon Kim. Yumerium is a project under the Sub dream Labs – a gaming company in the US. A development team supports the founders. They have an impressive advisory board. The team has succeeded in raising $2.2M from the investors.

Other members of the team include Fukuta – The creative direction, Renna Von Kleist – Sound designer and Ahmed Sobhy – Software engineer

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