XYO Network – Geo-focused, consensus-building and trustless verification of location data.

XYO network is planning to launch a vast network of connected devices on the blockchain platform. They will provide a tracking system aimed at revolutionizing objects based on their location. The devices are called sentinels. The devices will be able to track objects such as garage openers, doorbells, internet routers, fridges, cars, tablets, and phones. The device can accurately track an object to execute a contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

Some real-world examples of this device include

Tracking a product online and only paying for it once it reaches your doorstep.

The technology could track reviews on Hotel Review sites to eliminate fake reviews. Track Airline baggage to know its actual destination. Track medical equipment to ensure it reaches its correct destination. XYO network has developed a unique new proof of Origin and is aiming to make location verification trustless. The XYO network will combine all the connected devices of the blockchain automate things without an intermediary.

The XYO network plans to offer e-commerce Company the opportunities to build up a smart contract. This network will track the location of a product and check if the product has been sent to the customer. The product will be tracked from the warehouse to the customer. The shipment is only complete when the customer receives the product, and the vendor gets his payment. This will eliminate scams and hidden charges from vendors.

The XYO network will deal with the Ethereum ERC 20 XYO Token. The network provides the user with the required token based on the difficulty of the query. The Archivist always stores the information that is used to generate an answer for the user. The platform encourages the token holder not to use their entire tokens. The platform provides a typical desire for using the token. The crypto economic platform is responsible for taking care of the problem faces by the token miners and the users.

A user gets a reward for an answer provided in a particular manner. The Bridges, Diviners, and the Sentinels are the rewards for completing work. An answer must be provided on the platform, but analysis has to be done to find the best reply to the query. XYO network deals with the DDoS attack. The attack will make all the online services accessible. The attempts include banks to news websites.


The token name is XYO, and the pre ICO price is 1 ETH = 200,000 XYO. The ICO will be based on the Ethereum platform. The ICO start on the 20th of March 2018 to 20th of May 2018.

XYO Team

The XYO network is developed by XY Company. The company has already built one of the largest GPS and Bluetooth beacons in the world. The XY Company is based in San Diego, California.  The founder of the company is Arie Trouw. Other key members of the team include Markus Levin and Scott Scheper. Christine Sako is the head of Analytics. She has a background in mathematics. William Long is the Head of hardware. Johnny Kolasinski is the Head of the media.

Find out more: https://xyo.network/

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