Top 5 Companies Behind Bitcoin

The emergence of bitcoin as a trading currency has attracted investors across all the verticals of trade across the globe.

Companies and businesses have ventured into this new currency with the aim of trying to get maximum out of it while remaining at par with trends in business. Behind this cryptocurrency are the companies which are responsible for the mining, facilitating and quality checking. It is the miners companies that are driving this technology more as compared to the startups such as CoinBase. These centers register and facilitate cryptocurrency trading while ensuring that they the digital trading is attained through decentralization and integrity. The top 5 companies that are leading in this field are as follows:


This is the hardware mining company that is trading in cryptocurrency and by July 2015, this company had already raised $20 million. Such a huge success in this mining field has earned it a nice foundation in being considered as the top driver of bitcoin currency. So far, this company has raised $60 million in total. Its contribution and shares control is estimated at 16.4% total harsh rate.

BTC China Pool.

This company ventured into this trade towards the end of the year 2014 despite being founded in 2011. Despite its late venture into this field, BTCChina has gained momentum and it is now being considered as the biggest player in this field. Its harsh rate share is 13.74% and it is ranked as the fourth most influential firm in bitcoin trade.


This company is the leading firm in term of total hash rate as it stands at 17.82% of the total share. This firm was launched in the year 2013 with Jihan Wu as its CEO and the founder of the firm. Globally, this company is 56% bitcoin miners and their technology capabilities has favored them into thriving and progressing well.


This firm comes as the second in terms of total hash rate with 16.49% and it fully depends on the users for its harsh power. The official name of this company is F2Pool but it has since been known as DiscusFish in reference to its logo which has a discus fish. It is a Chinese firm and it is managed by Mao Shihang and Wang Chun. Its spokesperson once admitted that the company does own any hardware and as such, it depends fully in the users for its hash power.

BW Pool.

This is also a Chinese firm and the only drawback it has is that it is not well known especially to the English-speaking world. In 2015, it came to spotlight when it announced that it has Reddit post as a move to increase in their block size. Their dominance in this technology is at 7.68% harsh rate and it has been applauded for its outstanding consistency in this trade.
The above companies have been on the rush to outdo each other in terms of dominance in cryptocurrency technology. As the companies and businesses keep increasing their trading activities using this bitcoin, the companies keep bolstering their bases as crypto companies.

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