Thailand Launches Blockchain Tech for E-Voting

Thailand’s National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC), the main body in charge of information and communication development activities, has developed a blockchain technology for e-voting.

The technology, according to the Bangkok Post, who reported this, combines e-voting in close groups and traditional voting. When 5G is adopted, all voters will be connected to the platform.

“NECTEC developed blockchain technology for e-voting that can be applied to national, provincial or community elections, as well as business votes such as the board of directors,” said Chalee Vorakulpipat, head of the cybersecurity laboratory at NECTEC, adding that, “The goal is to reduce fraud and maintain data integrity.”

However, since only the internet would be needed for the technology to work, it project is

expected to reduce the need for citizens to travel to polling stations. Instead, the technology wll allow citizens to vote through an email “similar to online survey,” and get verified using their mobile camera.

This will enable the votes be calculated fast enough as data will be sent directly to an election controller, and candidates will be able to check the results electronically.

Blockchain will eliminate the need to collect votes from election points and deliver to a central location, saving labor costs and preventing fraud as data is transmitted directly from the voters to the election controller, NECTEC said.

More so, the Blockchain concept for e-voting is a promising idea but implementing it would take longer period, as voter will need to have access to mobile Internet connection and identity verification, Chalee said.

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