South African Bitcoin Exchange ICE3X Launches Android Mobile Trading App On Google PlayStore

South African based Bitcoin exchange ICE3X, has launched a mobile trading application on the Google android OS.

The app which is available on the Google Play Store, has the same functions as the web-based ICE3X trading platform.

With the launch of the mobile version of the app, ICE3X users will not only enjoy the same features as the web-based trading platform but also be able to make trades, transfer funds, compare charts and check their portfolio on-the-go.

The android version also has the help desk tool incorporated in it, this is to offer users assistance on the go, as regards the use of the app and other services offered by ICE3X.

Founder of the ICE3X platform, Gareth Grobler, while speaking to about the launch of the Android app, said:

“We have a fully mobile adaptive platform, but decided to launch an app, mainly to make use of offline functionality which the app will provide. We are building a super secure non-custodial wallet, which enables users to control their own private keys in line with our ethos of supporting and promoting sovereign financial freedom and responsibility.”

He noted that users can expect new upgrades in future on the app, as they plan on bringing new add-on in no time to it. The bitcoin school is one feature the ICE3X is looking to launch soonest, this is to give more people an opportunity to learn more about bitcoin in regards to independent wealth creation and this would be available on the mobile app.

Grobler further confirmed that other features would be rolled out as time goes by, “We have a couple of crypto-based products at various stages of development (Instamyna & iceBOX) and we are excited as 2019 will also see us raising investment funding for the first time.”

ICE3X sole aim is to provide the safest and most trusted platform for users to buy and sell digital currency, and the mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

All the user needs do, is to create an account and start trading right away.

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