Skills needed to launch a successful blockchain career

With blockchain technology shaping the way businesses and industries are run and with more firms looking to incorporate its features and innovations into their businesses, blockchain can be rightly said to be, ‘the future’ of modern day business.

The adoption of the blockchain technology by firms, will however continue to see an increase in the demand for blockchain experts. But, how many experts has what it takes to tackle the challenges attached to being a blockchain developer?

However, to enjoy a certain level of success as a blockchain developer, there are skills or habit an individual must have.

According to KPMG, firms will continue to seek individuals with a solid foundation on blockchain, who understand distributed ledgers, peer-to-peer topologies and consensus mechanisms; candidates who will be able to apply blockchain in solving specific problems with ease.

But that is not all, as there are innate potentials every one who wishes to delve into block chain as a developer must have.
The listed attributes are key for a technologist hoping to land a high-paying blockchain developer job.

1. Business Acumen

Every blockchain enthusiast, must have the ability to understand and reason like a businessman, whose life depends on the right application of block chain to various department of the firm, be it, information technology or finance to procurement to the mailroom.

2. Tech Literacy

Yes it is true that anyone can be a blochain developer, however, one is expected to have a basic knowledge of coding such as programming to succeed as a blockchain developer.

More so, it is also very important to know how to apply that knowledge to real-time events. Blockchain technologist who wish to enjoy a successful career, must ensure they understand the “differences between technologies including the cloud, ERPs, and networks, and when to use different tools and platforms, to ensure they know how blockchain interactions within an existing technology ecosystem.” The KPMG report said.

3. Data Analysis

You must be a able to interprete data to a large extent, this is to ensure adequate utilization of data collected from a blockchain, and present it in a meaningful way to a variety of people across the businesses.

4. Hacker Mentality

You must be open not just to new ideas but be willing to practice them without fear of failure; for example, thinking outside the box, in a bid to proffer solution to problems militating against a particular business.

“Like any emerging technology, having the right talent is paramount to driving results,” the report stated.

“Blockchain projects will not succeed or scale without a multifaceted team that goes beyond technologists. We expect more universities to integrate blockchain into future coursework, which will help prepare both end users as well as those who will be responsible for building, deploying and managing blockchain,” the report added

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