P2P Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Companies

The use of Blockchain in peer-to-peer trading has made recording and verification of transactions easier and more secure. This system allows a trading community to operate without a central body because each member holds a record of each transaction. The following list presents top Blockchain and cryptocurrency companies that utilize the peer-to-peer system in proferring solutions to basic trade:

  1. P2P Solutions

P2P Solutions is a decentralized peer-to-peer communications system that is based on a secure Ethereum Blockchain technology called ERC20. It is a platform where confidential digital assets can be transferred amongst users without any intermediary obstruction. The founding team is located in Mauritius.

  1. Peercoin

This highly reputational company is popular for how it incentivizes its transactions, by rewarding users for strengthening the network by giving them a 1% annual token return. It is the pioneering agency of Proof-of-Stake coins.

  1. Cointal

Cointal is a platform where cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold on a peer-to-peer basis. It is a marketplace and trade point for Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin and Ethereum. It is thus a multicurrency P2P exchange market that relieves buyers and sellers from the hassles of using middlemen and third parties. The platform also has an incredible range of payment options.

  1. Streembit

Streembit is a peer-to-peer communication system for humans and machines. It is an open source communication network that does not require registration or input of personal details. Sponsored by ZoVolt Ltd, UK, Streembit runs on a community-driven overlay network that keeps all communication data free from cyber threats.

  1. Qvolta

Based in Singapore and announced in 2017, Qvolta is a marketplace where purchase and sales of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, will be carried out as a peer-to-peer trade. This system will let buyers and sellers put up coins at their chosen fixed price, rather than prices influenced by constantly changing markets.

  1. Invox finance

Invox finance is a new cryptobanking platform launched in March 2018, that solves the problems of traditional invoice financing by building a decentralized peer-to-peer platform where sellers, buyers and investors can connect and share invoice loans with one another.

  1. DentCoin

The DentCoin is an Altcoin dedicated to delivering mobile data exchange. The platform driving this coin is Ethereum based and is built as a P2P exchange market where users of the platform can buy, sell or donate data through the blockchain. The team is based in Hong Kong and the company was founded back in 2014. DentCoin has its own official mobile app.

  1. Upfiring

Upfiring is a decentralized file sharing network that runs on Ethereum Blockchain and grants rewards to its users. The network has a desktop application which distributes encrypted files between peers on the network. Users can earn rewards by sending files.

  1. Coinffeine

Coinffeine is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange company. The developers have created a platform where Bitcoin enthusiasts can buy and sell the cryptocurrency in different countries. The company has launched peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange in over 70 countries.

  1. Streamity

Streamity project is also a decentralized P2P platform for cryptocurrency exchange, but in addition, it also acts as an information portal where users have access to educational, analytical and financial resources. The team location is in Moscow, Russia.

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