Osmium investment coin was birthed by the availability of Osmium. Osmium is a precious metal that is very scarely dense. After many years of research and crystallization process, the osmium metal become a non-toxic and stable element. This precious metal has ventured into the jewelry industry and is now a product for investment.

Osmium is 4000 times scarce than gold, which could dictate its market value and worthiness. In the past, there has been no other company that had the skill and expertise of the crystallization process other than the Osmium Investment Coin. This fact guarantees the company that anyone who will want to deal with Osmium will go definitely go to Osmium Investment Coin.

Some of the characteristics that make Osmium very special and unique include: It is hard and durable. This is because in the past, it was used as an alloy to harden other metals and make them durable. Another characteristic of Osmium is that it has zero chemical reaction. This is attributed to the fact that although in its native form it is dangerous, it has been crystallized to limit its chemical reactivity. As a matter of fact, it behaves more nobly compared to other precious metals. Osmium also has a mythical and mysterious glow in the sunlight. For this reason, the wristwatch and jewelry markets are resorting to it e.g. the Swiss luxury watch producer Hublot.
Due to its scarcity, Osmium is being appreciated in the jewelry market, where the investor market is splitting into two segments where in the first one, people can invest in osmium, store it for a couple of years, say 5-10, after which they can sell it to the very fast growing osmium jewelry market.

In the second segment, there are spectators who have already been intrigued in the past by other precious metals. They understand the industry and are already into the Osmium metal hype and are willing to invest.

The token name for Osmium is Osmium Investment Coin and the token Standard is ERC20. The symbol of the token is OiCOiN and the token decimal is 8. The contract address is 0xAa6Bf83784570cE6E114aeC683B6B23ca30cF763. When it comes to the selling period, it is 8 weeks, which are subject to extension. The private sale started on July 09, 2018 04:00 pm CET with a presale on August 26, 2018 04:00 pm CET.
Round one will be on September 09, 2018 04:00 pm CET, round two will be on September 23, 2018 04:00 pm CET, round three will take place on October 14, 2018 04:00 pm CET and the last day of sale will be on October 30, 2018 04:00 pm CET. The OiCOiN – Token Price is 1 ETH = 1000 OiCOiNs and the OiCOiN – Tokens issued amounts to 250.000.000 (250 million) and the adjustable distribution of all unsold tokens will be burned.

Important to note is that Osmium will be the only precious metal that will be completely off the market after 40 tons are sold.

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