Opiria – Decentralized Marketplace for Selling Data.

Most companies are desperate to know more about their customers. They need insights about their customers so that they can come up with innovative products that suit their customer’s tastes and desire.

The growing desire for customer’s data has risen for data brokers. However, data brokers abuse customer’s privacy in the quest to obtain their data. Opiria is creating an open secured and transparent marketplace to enable customers to take complete control over their data. Opiria is building a blockchain platform that operates as a marketplace for companies to purchase customer’s data.

The PDATA Token will be used to request for personal data from customers, Buy customer’s data and reward customers that allow companies to access their data. Opiria is transforming the model in which companies perform their market research. They are creating an open marketplace for companies to buy data from customers without an intermediary.

Opiria is already a successful company; they just decided to integrate cryptocurrency payments into their system.

Opiria – ICO

The company’s Presale started on November 1st 2017. The ICO started on March 26, 2018. Buyers that participate in the presale will receive significant discounts. The website does not give concrete information about the total tokens for the offering. The company does not state the public exchanges for the tokens, but it does state the regulation of tokens to continuing paying users. The company explains that it will use the ICO revenue to fund marketing campaign aimed at driving new users.

The PDATA TOKENs can be cashed out and exchanged for real money. The platform enables fair, transparent and secured trading of personal data that is compliant with the Principles of the GDPR.

Here is how the token works

The PDATA token consists of companies and consumers that facilitate a two-sided token economy. The companies purchase data from customers in exchange for PDATA Tokens. Consumers can decide which personal information to disclose. Due to the blockchain technology, data privacy and consumers anonymity are adequately protected. The PDATA tokens value personal data.

Companies can use the data to design products and create better sales activities and marketing.

Customers can start selling their data to significant cooperation after the launch of the blockchain development. Customers that purchase more PDATA tokens will receive more personal data request than consumers with less PDATA tokens. Consumers can display the personal data of their choice to buyers such as demographics, Health, social media, internet usage and mobile device data.

Data buyers are incentivized to participate in the marketplace due to the legitimacy of the data. The data swaps are verified and transparent so buyers can operate on the platform with absolute peace of mind.

Consumers can track their data and also monitor its usage.

Opiria does not entirely depend on the revenue stream from the blockchain technology; they differentiate themselves by providing an actual real service value.

The team

Dr, Christian Lange is the CEO of the Company.  He holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Human Factors and Ergonomics. Marlene Gaesch is the co-founder of the company. He has a Master’s degree in Science and hands-on experience in software development.

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