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The birth of bitcoin and blockchain created the way we handle finances and our financial affair. Like any other business, the crypto lending platform is a way for investors to make more money using a decentralized platform which blockchain and bitcoin have to offer. Cryptocurrency users are looking for more ways to utilize all the amenities and benefits they can harvest from increasing their coin value from crypto coins. The craze for users wanting to increase their bitcoin value is through bitcoin lending and companies are springing up and taking the “crypto bull by the horns”. The following are ten popular bitcoin lending companies.

1) Chrysos

Chrysos is the new lending and borrowing company that just entered the bitcoin lending market after its successful ICO. This is the future of digital lending. This platform uses the bitcoin technology powered by P2P cryptocurrency to create a network that is secure and efficient that investors can trust. The Chrysos work like this; investors lend money to the company and collect it after it has yielded interest.

2) Salt

Salt lending is also known as Secured Automated Lending Technology allows you to get cash loans without trading your cryptocurrency. Clients are able to secure loans and cash in exchange for their blockchain assets. The process is very easy; you get money without selling your favorite investment.

3) BitFinex

With its headquarters in Hong Kong, BitFinex is controlled by its parent company iFinex and has 10% control of all bitcoin trading platform. The platform provides a lending service called Margin funding. This allows the user to lend money and be the determinant of the return rate, duration and interest amount to the BitFinex traders.

4) Coincheck

It focuses on bitcoin lending where all loans are paid back with a service fee charge. It also supports other currencies like Factom, Ether, and XRP. The Japanese based company recently had issues with security credibility when hacker reportedly stole $532.60 million from their site causing the company to freeze all assets. This is the largest known heist in cryptocurrency history since the inception of bitcoin trading.

5) Poloniex

This US-based company founded in 2014 and it’s a crypto to crypto exchange platform. It is designed to accept any kind of cryptocurrency like Litecoin, Dash, Doge and Bitcoin among others? It has no fiat currency on lending on Poloniex. The company has been a powerhouse in bitcoin lending although competition has caused charge in the lending rate charges.

6) CoinLoan

CoinLoan is a creative platform where consumers use crypto assets as collateral to collect loans. This is the lending platform with the P2P economy. Cryptocurrency is used as collateral and loans are provided in fiat currency. A user can act as the lender and borrower on this platform and make more bitcoins.

7) Bithercash

This platform is built on Ethereum blockchain which is used by a majority of users. The token is used for investing and traveling and accepted in most countries. The platform strives on giving investor better and secured value for the loans by a principle is calls pure lending. It is also revolutionizing the entire bitcoin lending industry by allowing investor grow their per capita through blockchain investment systems.

8) Jibrel network

It enables individual or organization to store their valuable into stable money tokens and eases the process of converting cash and other valuable into cryptocurrency. It also provides currencies, commodities and equities and other financial assets using the standard ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

9) ETHLend

ETHLend is a decentralized lending platform that offered secured peer 2 peer lending via smart contract. This lending platform is changing the face of bitcoin borrowing by allowing the lender and the borrower to discuss the terms of lending without any middleman. This mean trade lending and borrowing can occur throughout the world.

10) Valorem

Valorem lending platform is creating a niche for itself by being the future of peer to peer lending via smart contracts. The platform is built for multi-transaction between more than one peer using blockchain.

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