Finnish police uncover major drug gang using Bitcoin as means of payment

Finnish Police have cracked a drug network that specialises in transacting business with Bitcoin.

The Police disclosed this on Thursday, that an 18-year-old who has allegedly organised extensive drug sales on the internet in Finland, has been arrested.

In all, eight young people who are involved in the illegal business have been tract so far.

The police found several Bitcoin wallets that indicated currency flows worth 110,000 euros in 2018. When the home of the 18-year-old was raided in August, police confiscated large amounts of amfetamine, extase, MDMA and cocaine.

However, a 21-year old as well as other members of the syndicate continued to operate despite the raid before being detained in November, 2018, after making well over 160,000 euros in sales.


More so, during the raid the police found tens of addressed envelopes with drugs inside. The recipients were all over Finland and the police have since interviewed them, says, senior inspector Rauno Jamsa said in a press release.

The police noted that they would all be prosecuted after investigation are complete.

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