EXODUS 1s Smartphone With Full Node Capacity To Be Released By HTC

As part of its plans to bring crypto and blockchain technology to a global level, electronics giant, HTC, is on the verge of introducing a new smartphone into the market in Q3 2019.

In a statement issued by the firm, “The EXODUS 1s will be the first smartphone ever to have full node capabilities” containing the full Bitcoin blockchain.

“With the EXODUS 1, we gave people the power to own their own keys, now we’re giving people the power to run their own node,” the statement said.

More so, Decentralized Chief Officer at HTC, Phil Chen, while speaking to Bitcoin Magazine, said, “It’s about building technology for the free world.”

He noted that, while working on the project, the largest obstacle was “developing a device that can act as a true full node and hold the full Bitcoin blockchain on the device.”

Further more, Chen used the opportunity to explain some technical issues with the phone.

“The full Bitcoin blockchain is around 200 GB [and] increasing at about 60 GB per year,” he said, while adding that, “The full ledger can also be pruned down to approximately 10 GB.”

Even though the phone is designed to support the pruned version at all times, the use of the full blockchain will however, require an additional SD card for space.

Also, it is highly advisable to run a node via a stable Wi-Fi connection, this is due to the large data requirement.

Chen noted that, “the phone will not be able to mine for bitcoin itself, but we have upcoming partners to announce that will offer hashrates.”

He said, “running a node is maybe the most important part of the blockchain as it helps secure the network; every one of them acts as an authoritative verifier of every single transaction of the block.”

“We first empowered the user by owning their own keys and now we’re focused on empowering the user to run their own node to help secure and grow the network,” he ended.

The statment however added that more technical details will be made available before the official launch of the EXODUS 1s smartphone into the market.

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