Developers of Handcash Launch ‘Cashport’, a Developer Kit for Bitcoin Cash

Many programmers would be brimming with smiles now, as creators of the Handcash wallet have released a free software developer kit (SDK) known as Cashport.

Cashport is an open source BCH-based micropayments system for Android operating systems and web typescript that can be integrated into a variety of services and was created for programmers who are interested in turning the Bitcoin Cash network into applications and websites.

More so, the service works in a non-custodial fashion, which means the application or web service never holds users’ funds.

However, the team,were asked on Reddit if the Cashport SDK was something like Cash ID and the Money Button combined for websites.

Alex Agut, Handcash team’s product designer, has this to say, “that’s one way to look at it.”

“But [Cashport] is also for mobile apps and games — The goal is to create an ecosystem where your money is always available through thousands of apps and games,” Agut detailed on Reddit. “Just one account — No more deposits or withdrawals, copy and paste or QR codes — Just flows.”

He added that, all the services are fasten to the owner’s Handcash wallet and the SDK can also be used for developing games and mobile applications.

He further states that the tool works silently in the background, so the developer can concentrate on the API and user interactions. Examples would be micropayments on social media, in-game money, and a pay-per-minute type of model.

“We wanted a very easy way for developers and businesses to implement micropayments with zero bitcoin knowledge,” he noted.

The group believes the Cashport system is a great way to monetize the user interactions with bitcoin cash.

Programmers can now focus on building quality content, the group said, while noting that team, developers can go to the Cashport website, obtain some API keys and implement the SDK. After that, “money has never been simpler

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