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Blockchain has revolutionized the banking industry by providing high tech banking solutions. Whether these platforms store cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, one cannot deny that Blockchain has the potential to replace traditional centralized banking systems. The following are top 10 Blockchain and cryptocurrency companies focused on crypto banking:

  1. Asseta

Founded on the 29th of March 2016 in Vilnius, Lithuania, Asseta is a borderless cryptobank built on Blockchain and made to be integrated in the financial technology market. The company’s mission is to create a digital and convenient banking platform where transactions can be fluidly made at anywhere and at anytime.

  1. Crypterium

Crypterium is an innovative mobile cryptobank that gives its users the ability to make payments in over 40 million stores worldwide. Participants do not have to own a physical card, and there are no limits and commissions. Members will be able to use their tokens as fuel and get reward from their transactions every month.

  1. Cashaa

Cashaa promises its users speedy banking transactions and fast monetary conversions of local or fiat currency to any payment card, bank account or wallet anywhere in the world within the network. It was released by a UK-based team in 2017.

  1. ORCA

Orca utilizes API and is the very first open banking system designed for cryptocurrency users. Orca is like a general toolbox where users can manage cash flow, assets, and trade in the cryptocurrency market. Orca synchronizes with fiat accounts in different banks, within one place. The founding team is based in Estonia, one of the leading countries in modern digital technology.

  1. European Crypto Bank (ECB)

ECB is a private banking system used for wealth management. It is uniquely different because this platform comes with a portable digital crypto device wallet. It also runs on smart contracts.

  1. TenX

TenX is a Blockchain driven company that provides virtual currencies which are spendable in real life. The platform makes travelling easier through the TenX card, a card that can function and collect cash from ATMs across the globe, with no conversion fees and real-time conversion rates. The team location is in Central Singapore.

  1. Polybius

Polybius is a reputable company that presents modern-day banking services for people attuned to private banking. The Polybius ecosystem allows for optimized personal banking, helping users control, manage and optimize their finances with any financial instrument of choice.

  1. Change

The mission of the change platform is to remove borders in the financial sector so that any citizen from any country gets access to alternative financial services and instruments. The concept was created in 2016.

  1. Monaco

The Monaco company grants a Visa-branded debit card which draws funds from a cryptocurrency bank account to its members, giving them access to free atm withdrawals and other optimized banking services.

  1. Bankera

The Bankera platform is building a Blockchain based digital bank for trading cryptocurrencies and tokens. It grants other services like debit cards and payment processing. The platform’s exchange feature was launched in the 2nd quarter of 2018.

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