Blockchain Companies Offering Crypto ATM Services

With blockchain diversifying into goods and commodities, and more people and business embracing the technology for a safer transaction method,  companies that deal in Bitcoin transactions have not only introduce coins for trading but cards that is similar to debit/credit cards or bit cards. Since they are not functional with the normal ATM, Bitcoin ATM is built to ease Bitcoin trading. These ATMs have eased the buying and selling of Bitcoin.

Top companies that manufacture and distribute ATM kiosk are as follows.

Bitcoin Depot

This is the number bitcoin ATM in the US and is built for small businesses that deal in bitcoin. It is fast, reliable and efficient. It offers a commercial bitcoin ATM for everyone and it allows you to sell and buy bitcoin in any cryptocurrency.


BitXATM is the fifth largest bitcoin ATM manufacturer in the world with about 9% of the market under their wings.  This is a plug and play hardware and software that requires no tech knowledge. The company offers a full 24/7 support to assist customers in understanding how it’s used.


This platform was founded in 2013 and it’s privately owned. The company owns about 6% of all bitcoin ATMs in the world and is known for their excellent customer service and easy to use teller systems. They produce bitcoin ATMs. The machines allow anyone to easily make a deposit and receive instant digital wallet of the equivalent in bitcoins.


This Israel Company is at the forefront of creating distributing bitcoin ATM worldwide.  They are also the first company to develop the 2-way bitcoin ATM machine that changes bitcoin to fiat and vice versa. It created a machine that makes it easy to purchase in bitcoins. It has three products namely Douro, Santo Tirso, and Braga.

Planet capital

It offers an ATM with the standard ATM features that allows you pay your bills, transfer money, and buy items and gifts. It supports all existing virtual currencies and promises on state of the art personal data security for customers.


They are producer of bitcoin ATMs, which do not charge any fee but makes merge deduction per bitcoin. The machine works with any wallet and you will need to enter a bitcoin address and scan the QR code with the specific amount to be transacted. They don’t accept interface with debit or credit cards


The Spanish based company is a manufacturer of bitcoin ATMs; they produce two kinds of ATMs; the two-way system for buy and selling bitcoin and the ATMs for buying alone. They are putting Spain in the bitcoin mainstream market. It also operates a vending machine that uses bitcoin and charges for all transaction performed with the ATM.


They produce and distribute affordable and reliable bitcoin ATM kiosk around the world. They ATMs are customer friendly and easy to use. This ATM provides bitcoin to buy and sell bitcoin for cash or sold for cash from the company’s kiosk in a matter of seconds. The money is sent directly to your wallet during a transaction.

Genesis coin

This is the largest bitcoin ATM controller on the crypto market. It controls 44.4% of all the bitcoin ATMs in the world. This company has manufactured and shipped over 500 bitcoin machine around the world making them the dominant leader in crypto ATMs.

General byte

This is the 3rd largest bitcoin ATM manufacturer in the world and power over 16% of crypto ATMs in operation right now. This a feat and the company is striving hard to beat the top contender  Genesis coins.

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