Bitnation Governance 2.0 – A Decentralised Borderless Voluntary Nation (DBVN)

The world forces its citizens to compete with each other for governance, politics and business. This competition has led to violence and conflict. Bitnation solves this problem by developing a marketplace that will offer governance opt-in services to the people.

Bitnation has designed a joint network that will build a shared web. Bitnation is empowering its platform with the PAT token. Bitnation eliminates the skepticism and doubts by reassuring their potential investors about their reasonable goals, promising timelines and projects’ robustness.

Bitnation is a mesh network that can be accessed through a Smartphone interface. The platform will be used for executing and developing P2P agreements. Bitnation also empowers you to develop your own decentralized Broad less voluntary Nation. After this, you can select your mechanism and law code to develop your constitution and offer Governance services to the people. The software makes use of the mesh formed out of the Secure Scuttlebot Protocols.

PAT is programmed to reward tokens and good reputations issued on the Pangea platform. PAT token is an algorithm enabled token currency activated on performance. Bitnation has created an oracle to facilitate their project. Bitnation is one of the most buzzed blockchain projects. Citizens can make use of the platform to build nations and conduct P2P arbitration.

Bitnation services will be found in the marketplace Bitnation Refugee Emergency Response marketplace and the Pangea Jurisdiction.

Bitnation blockchain will provide freelance agreements, marriage certificates, and company registrations. The Bitnation Refugee will provide blockchain IDs for stateless people.  Bitnation plans to use the Pangea Jurisdiction to dispute resolution for peer-to-peer agreements.

For now, Bitnation will run their platform on the Ethereum blockchain technology and will likely incorporate other chains like Tezos, and bitcoins in the future.

This Platform can make people become citizens of any country they wish. They intend to eliminate violence. The competition for each citizen will lead to improved services and reduced cost of the platform.

The PAT token is complaint with the ERC-2o and will serve as the primary currency on the platform. PAT tokens will be made available through POC, POA, and PON. The tokens will serve as a reward for users to create, complete contract and resolve disputes.

Bitnation has already won the UNESCO NETEXPLO 2017 Grand Prize. They made history by creating the world’s first blockchain platform.

Details of the ICO

The ICO started on March 25, 2018, and will continue until April 24, 2018.

The main Ico price is 474 PAT = 1 USD.

There will be bonuses for customers that purchase the PAT token. They will accepts BTC and ETH. The Minimum investment is 1 BTC to 20 ETH. The hard cap is 30,000. Bitnation aims to raise about $27.3 million from the ICO which accounts for 34 % of the total token.

The team

Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof is the CEO of the business. He was the Former ICO of Wise strategic communications and Shabakat foundation. James Fennell Tempelhof is the COO of the company. He is a writer. He has written articles about refugees, and decentralization for 8 years.  The software engineers include Alberto R. Estarrona – Senior Andriod/ IOS developer, and kent Dahlgren – AI developer and product manager at several IT firms. Florian Lenz is the backend developer and he is proficient in Javascript.

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