American Rap Artiste Soulja Boy Brags About Bitcoin Gains in New Rap Track

28-year old American rapper Soulja Boy has bragged about his wealth in his new rap track but what is most fascinating about this music, is its title.

The rapper who is better-known for his debut single “Crank That,” has named a new song, “BITCOIN”.

The song which is in his latest album “Young Draco,” describes how Soulja “made [$1] million off of bitcoins” after seemingly buying in at $6,000.

“Man, this going crazy the cryptocurrency man,” the lyrics begin, continuing:

“I made 100 racks off of bitcoin (bit)
You can catch me trapping with the bitcoin (bit)
You can catch me running up the bitcoin (yeah)
I spent 6,000 on the bitcoin”

(Urban Dictionary defines “100 racks” as being $100,000.)

Soulja later indicates he may be paying bands using cryptocurrency, or at least his gains from his holdings (“I’m doing shows [?] feeling me … running up the bands on cryptocurrency”), before referencing sending transactions through PayPal and the Cash App.

Although, Soulja Boy did not mention any crypto firm in the song about his holdings, he did references owning litecoins.

The rapper is the latest musician to talk about cryptocurrencies, with Mims, Snoop Dogg, 3lau and Young Dirty Bastard all getting involved in the space through various projects or performances.

More so, just recently, bitcoin even played a cameo on Eminem’s new album “Kamikaze.”

Royce Da 5’9′, a guest artist on “Not Alike,” notes that “now everybody doing bitcoin” on the track – he wasn’t kidding.

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