Alibaba Parners Aerospace Information Co. To Promote Blockchain Development

E-commerce conglomerate Alibaba has partnered with software developer and supply giant, Aerospace Information Co., to “provide cloud solutions to promote the development of the blockchain industry.”

According to Securities Daily, a Chinese financial publication, the alliance between the two firm, will see them bringing their respective brand technologies into play, to actively integrate resources and carry out in-depth cooperation in various areas of this agreement,” for the development of “cloud computing services and smart industries, finance and taxation, government affairs, blockchain, and enterprise market services.”

“In the field of blockchain, we will jointly provide cloud solutions to promote the development of the blockchain industry,” the report adds.

Liu Song, vice president of Alibaba Group also disclosed in an interview earlier this month, that the conglomerate plans on implementing blockchain technology for cross-border supply chains, with the possibility to link the ecosystem with local government.

More so, in 2018, recall that Alibaba partnered with local Chinese health centers, to integrate blockchain based technologies to record data.

The Director at Zhenglu Town Health Center in Changzhou, Mr. Zhang Zhigong while speaking on the development at the time to local news Yicai Global, said the integration is cost effective and safe.

While also noting that health centers and district hospitals will be able to connect with each other, to conveniently offer medical services to the people.

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