Akoin Cryptocurrency: A Better Approach To Decentralized Technology Adoption?

The world populace is recognizing and embracing the use of cryptocurrencies in a way that we can term to be apt and progressive. But then, the virtual currencies’ overall adoption has not been very effective due to a number of obvious limiting factors. These factors can in fact, be a major setback to how much success the decentralized payment technology could have- especially in the pretty distant future.

For instance, cryptocurrencies still face an important limitation to their intended effectiveness, which is as a result of selective adoption of the technology. While some have become fully convinced of the germaneness of this innovation, others are still skeptical about how much popularity the cryptos can get- especially considering all the bias springing up from some quarters. However, the effectiveness of digital currencies remains valid, although they require an active use interaction between a massive lot of persons- such that they are well recognized to be the legal tender.

The Akoin cryptocurrency comes as a solution that operates on an ingenious framework model, where the token use would become the everyday transaction fuel in a digital currency operating society. It is expected to be a driving tool for effecting convenience and sustainable development, with emphasis on the African front.

What you need to know about the Akoin operation framework

The Akoin cryptocurrency is founded and implemented by music star Akon, who says the blockchain project would be aimed at improving the standards of the average African society. The protocol token would be fully operational on a proposed 2,000 acre built city, where it would be the means of transaction exchange for dwellers and business engagers. The picture of this is an enormous city having residential houses, business concerns, hospitals, schools etcetera, all running solely on the Akoin token. This means every participant in the ‘Akon crypto city’ would be mandatorily required to own and make use of the native virtual currency.

An actualization of this, would do the ultimate trick to eliminating cryptocurrency use fears and bias that are still one of the prevailing issues on the cryptocurrency scene today. Asides this, people would be unrestricted in carrying out proactive everyday activities that are essential for their individual development and achievements, as well as that of the society in whole. Since the Akoin protocol would follow the operation function of a decentralized system, it would be able to remove some of the inadequacies and lapses that has accompanied third-party mediated activities from over time.

Consequently, Akon crypto city would be the first organized physical society that is fundamentally making use of a decentralized transaction system powered by the blockchain. This move is rather courageous and could be a model standard for future cryptocurrency cities.


The Akoin cryptocurrency is fast generating a lot of excitement on the cryptocurrency world. This is mostly because of its peculiar features, which are quite different from the regular cryptocurrency type- that is almost entirely virtual. Akoin merges a physical society setting with the benefits of the blockchain technology, in a way we’ve never seen. This is a reason why people can’t wait to see it launch and become available for public use.

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