Africa Blockchain Alliance Partners with ConsenSys Academy to Offer Blockchain Developer Program in Africa

The Africa Blockchain Alliance (ABA) has announced it is partnering with ConsenSys Academy to offer a blockchain developer program in Africa.

ConsenSys Academy promotes Ethereum education globally while the Africa Blockchain Alliance focuses on policy advocacy and facilitating awareness in blockchain technology.

According to the South African firm, the aim of the partnership is to produce highly-skilled Ethereum developers in Africa, thanks to the high demand for blockchain experts worldwide.

The program which is scheduled to begin from March 1, 2019, would be offered online, and will run for three months.

Fresh and improved content created from the feedback of former ConsenSys graduates will be added as part of the course work.

More so, it will cover smart contract development, DApp development, best security practices, and Ethereum concepts.

Participants are expected to undertake the course for about ten to fifteen hours per week which includes four to five quizzes and a project. Successful candidates who completes the program and the project, will receive certificates on the Ethereum blockchain.

However, the Africa Blockchain Alliance as well as its other partners, will provide support through meetups, community events, mentoring, and in-person sessions in hand-picked African cities.

According to Mr. Ben Onuoha, the founder of the Africa Blockchain Alliance, he said:

“I am particularly excited about this initiative as this is our contribution to helping bridge the global blockchain knowledge gap in order to help meet the demand for blockchain developers as well as creating more diversity in the blockchain world. This program also has the potential to create employment for the graduates. Finally, blockchain expertise in Africa owned by Africans to deliver blockchain solutions is lacking and we are excited to be leading the charge in this regard.”

How to Register
Registration for the program can be done on the Africa Blockchain Alliance’s website, and is open to both individuals and organisations in Africa.

Having a stable Internet connection and a computer running the latest versions of Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows is a must for the coursework.

Benefits of the Program

The program is sure to give graduates who succeed in completing the course and projecr, the opportunity to work for global companies, getting the needed mentorship from developers in the Ethereum ecosystem, and becoming a certified blockchain developer.

More so, organisations would be able to create blockchain developer expertise in-house, work on ideated use cases, and also give them access to certified and experienced blockchain developers.

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